B+E Car & trailer Test

The B+E Car and Trailer Towing Driving Test is conducted at our Driving Standards Agency Driving Test Centre.

The trailer towing test consists of:

  • Answer 5 vehicle safety check questions.

  • A drive of approximately one hour on a variety of roads and in various traffic conditions.

  • Within this drive will be a section of approximately 10 minutes of independent driving.

  • A reversing manoeuvre.

  • Un-couple and re-couple the trailer safely and correctly, carry out all appropriate safety checks.

During the driving test you must not make any serious or dangerous faults, and no more than 15 minor faults. At all times you are expected to drive with good anticipation and planning skills to deal with hazards, show respect and consideration to other road users, and show thorough understanding of the rules of the road and the highway code.

The DVSA Test fee

The test fee is currently £115.00

B+E Towing Trailer’s & Caravan’s