Driver CPC - 7-Hour Periodic Training Courses

Periodic Training Courses for Drivers, attend our selection of different courses to gain your 35 hour total. Each course is 7 hours in duration.

RTITB Classroom based courses are designed for drivers and have been carefully selected to include every-day regulations and guidelines.

35 hours of JAUPT approved Periodic Training.

Five x 7 hour core modules:

Module 1 – Drivers’ Hours and Tachographs.

Module 2 – Safe Vehicle Operations and Loading .

Module 3 – Safe and Economic Driving.

Module 4 – Health & Safety in Transport Operations.

Module 5 – Safe, Efficient and Secure Transport Operations.

Particular emphasis on specific operating environment Can be delivered in five 7 hour modules or as a single 35 hour course Each of the core modules split into two 3.5 hour modules and can be mixed to create 45 course combinations
Assessments provide feedback and ensure training objectives are met.
Course attendance uploaded to DVSA regardless of result of assessments.

The vehicle safety demonstration will last about half an hour and consists of five topics covered in the driver CPC syllabus.
You will need to show your knowledge and ability in the following areas:

1] Ability to load the vehicle, paying attention to safety rules and using the vehicle properly

security of the vehicle and its contents

2] Ability to prevent criminality and trafficking in illegal immigrants – for example, what you should do if you have returned to the vehicle after taking a comfort break on a ferry or at a border crossing

3] Ability to assess emergency situations

4] Ability to  prevent physical risk

5] Ability to complete a physical, walk round vehicle safety check

Driver CPC initial qualification Module 4